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kadugton…. It had been nearly 6 months since my last entry and even if there were times that I wanted to blog, I consciously stop myself, but that didn’t stop me from merely writing down my thoughts and saving them. I do intend to post them here…I just have to gather them.Anyway, Kiko is now 9 months old. He’s learning a lot of things, still exploring but boy! what an explorer. Katya is getting ready for school – this September. I still can’t believe that she is almost 5. Whew! I know she is excited and ready, but am I? Honestly, I don’t think that I am.It never fails, everytime the sleep-over at the old folks, I cry when they leave. Funny because I insist of them going on the first place but I end up pouting. Kat does not like sleeping over to anyone’s house anymore. She would rather stay with me, you could say that she’s a ‘mama’s girl’ and I think that’s so sweet.

Am doing this just randomly…



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