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May the Force be with you April 1, 2011

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Family is gearing up for Jed’s 40th birthday this Saturday. Theme: Star Wars…he is a “Jed”i afterall. 🙂 My sis is working on her costume, she’s going as a Jawas. A scavenger from Tatooine. They could be found scavenging the deserts for lost droids, crashed starships and junks. They wear long, brown hooded robes that cover their faces.

I have my costume ready as well. At first, I wanted to be a Tusken Raider or Aayla Secura or even Jabba the Hut but time is short and won’t be able to prepare.

So I opted for the most common choice, to be part of the Jedi Order. After going through the closet, I will be going as Qui-Gon Jinn. He often contradicted the council. He was a former Padawan of Count Dooku. He took Obi-Wab Kenobi as his Padawan.



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