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Saddened December 28, 2010

Posted by booglets in Uncategorized.

Just found out that a childhood friend passed away very recently. Sadly, he took his own life. According from his sister, he was so depressed because he misses his family back home (he was working in japan) and that he and his wife just separated. He didn’t took it well and decided to end his life.

I am still in shock. Still can’t believe and fanthom how he could’ve done this. How he had the courage out of weakness and fear to gave up on life. No, he wasn’t being courageous. Am sure he was frightened and blinded by pain and brokeness.

I remember him as a young kid. He was the same age as my brother. I was good friends with his sister and our families were neighbors and friends. He got teased a lot because he was short for his age but he had a strong and vibrant personality. He hanged out w/ my bro., while me and his sister do likewise.

I kept hoping that this was a joke. I found out through Facebook and I was honestly waiting for him to update his stat., saying it was all a joke. But that would never happen. He is gone forever. There’s no way around it. He will never wake up.

I pray for his soul.

Richie Santos, you will be missed.



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