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how do you do the laundry? August 20, 2007

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Saw this from mom loves being at home and decided participate. It’s an interesting topic…

  1. In your home, who does the laundry?   me
  2. Do you sort your laundry?  Yes I do.
  3. If you sort, how many different color/fabric type groups do you sort it into? I sort them by colors: dark (red & orange, black, gray & navy blues), light (pastels), white and khakis; towels goes in one pile, underwear and socks on their own. If I go crazy, I sort them by tops & bottoms, kids vs. parents stuff, oh yeah, plus baby’s stuff on its own.
  4. Do you hand wash anything?  no, only when needed.
  5. Are there any articles of clothing that you send out to be cleaned professionally?  nope.
  6. If you have any clothes cleaned professionally, is that drycleaning?  Or regular laundering/pressing?  n/a
  7. At home, what detergent do you use?  Any detergent additives that you regularly use? tide and dreft.
  8. What whiteners/brighteners do you use?  none. 
  9. Do you use any fabric softeners?  No. But my mom recommends it.t.
  10. How do you handle stains?  I scream at stains! =) hot water does the trick for me.
  11. Do you use different water temperatures for your different loads?  I use hot water for socks, underwears and whites — cold for the rest.
  12. Do you use a tumble dryer, or do you hang your clothes to dry? Dryer for the regular stuff and for shrink-prone items are hanged.
  13. In your home, who folds the clothes?  me, me and only me. the kids try to help sometimes.
  14. Where do you fold your clothes?  (i.e., in the laundry room, at the kitchen table, etc.)  The moment I take them out of the dryer, I lay them flat inside a laundry bin in a pile and sometimes I fold them right away or wait until all clothes are washed and dried and bring them to our room (if it is too heavy, I have to wait for dear hubby to carry them up) – I love to fold. I especially enjoy folding when I am watching. As I fold, I sort them by owner and by tops/bottoms, color coded vs. white, tank tops vs. long/short sleeves, etc…(grabe pagka oc ko no!)
  15. Who puts the folded clothes away?  I always end up doing it…unfortunately one task that I dread.
  16. Do you have a certain day of the week you consider “laundry day”?  It’s messed up. I tried but failed. But I’m trying again, so far I’m set to do it every Tuesday.
  17. About how many laundry loads do you do per week?  wooh, with the rate I am going, it is about 5-10 loads. Hopefully, once I establish my Tuesday routine, I am hoping it’ll be less.
  18. Do you iron? Another task I dread. Nope, nope, nope. Dear hubby is good at this.

So far that’s it. If you’re going to repost, let me know. Sure would love to know how you do your laundry…hehehe! Baka may makuha akong tip.



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