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imaginiff… August 12, 2007

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Yesterday, we celebrated Ate G’s birthday. We got there quite late. B needed to do work at the other house that by the time he got home and got ready, it was almost 6 p.m. + Ate Cha and Des dropped by to pick up the poker set (achieved) ended up playing Guitar Hero for a good hour or two. I heard Des and Kat got pretty good at it. Handa na silang kalabanin si ‘Nong Glen.

At G’s bday bash, we had sushi, chicken wings (c/o of Buffalo Philly’s), seafood pesto pasta, sesame brittle and chocolate cake. Ang sarap! Tapos may capri sun pa!!! I miss moments like these when we just hang out and laugh the night away. It is much harder to gather the ‘homies’ now since we all have our own agenda. Ate Cha and Ate Lhey being 4 hours away, Meme- another 4 (or 2?) hours away din, Myra busy with her studies and work, the Booglets, busy din kami…the Chavezes, busy din and ‘Nong Glen – busy sa luvlife nya! Hindi tulad ng dati na isang tawag lang, oks lahat. Kaya pag andito ang mga ‘dayuhan’ – hangout agad kami. The kids esp. enjoy their company…syempre, kami naman, enjoy din!

Ice breaker namin is yung tipong ‘game ka na ba’ 3rd challenge. Naming as much sa isang category. We started with how many movies we can name that starred Robin Williams, and then Mel Gibson, tapos songs by Madonna and Mariah Carey…ikaw, how many can you name? I folded after naming 1 song lang ni Mariah Carey. Myra won that round, maka-Mariah kasi. Ate Cha introduced a new game sa tradition. We played IMAGINiff. The object of the game is simple — just imagine what the other players are most like. Maraming tanong at maraming beses ka rin kakabagan sa kakatawa!

When my name was picked, the question was: IMAGINiff Sharon was a road sign, what would she be: 1) STOP; 2) Neighborhood Watch; 3) 75 MPH; 4) Scenic Overlook; 5) Dangerous Curves Ahead; or 6) Bridge Out

What would you pick? The most popular vote was #4 (naka naman!) kasi daw artistic ako…or something like that. I actually chose that one. It would be good to be #5 though! hahaha! Guess what B selected? #2 – Neighborhood Watch daw ako. Ano ako? parang laging nag mamasid? Sometimes I feel he doesn’t know me at all. =P Biro lang. You should try to play the game, it’s really fun.

The kids naman had fun too. They also had their own agenda…except Kian (aka joachim) who was asleep for almost the whole time, except when it was time to feed and change him. Sarap maging baby ulit!



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