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kickboxing October 26, 2006

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Joy and I started our kickboxing class last night. Funny, after so many months of no exercise, I all of a sudden jumped into something as extreme as kickboxing.  The only warm-up our trainer included was jumping jacks. After probably about 5 jumps, my muscle started to stiffen, looking at the mirror didn’t helped one bit. I thought I looked funny…really funny! All the moves were about 8-beat count, it was fast but if we need to slow down, it was ok. Coach preferred that if get lost during the course, we need to keep throwing punches in the air rather than completely stopping until we could get back to the rhythm. We were constantly bouncing and our hands clenched and up in our face. Oh yeah, a lot of squatting too.

After about 30 minutes I got so into it, though I still looked silly, I actually was enjoying it. It was a small group last night, about 5 of us so we were really paid attention to. He made sure that we were doing everything the right way. And yes, kickboxing won’t be kickboxing without the ‘kicking’ part…that was painful too. Feeling ko tuloy si Paquiao ako! hahaha! Another thing I had a hard time with was the situps…crunches and stuff. The stretching was good, it felt really good to have stretched all those muscles. Wish I had done that prior to class.  Our next session would be on Saturday, 8 AM. Yikes!

I hope I have recuperated by then. As you can very well imagine, my whole body’s aching. Almost similar to the ache I experienced after I participated the Army Ten Miler last year, but that was worse. I was in bed for at least a day or two. I’m able to walk but going up and down the stairs – that’s the painful part.

Anyway, today was our first day back to work after the Eid holiday. It was a long day. We were back to our usual 9-5pm schedule. By 3 p.m. I was ready to leave. Anyway, can’t wait for the Thanksgiving holiday – in 4 weeks.



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