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untitled October 24, 2006

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After 8 years, B and I finally purchased a sofa. It wasn’t a spur-of-a-moment kinda thing but it wasn’t at all planned and budgeted as well. It was a tough decision, we visited several stores, brainstormed, argued, changed our minds and more and finally made the biggest purchase for the year! hahaha. We found our sofa and accent chair at Belfort. We visited their showrooms and went through piles of fabrics. It was a tough choice between a red couch – got nice legs, the fabric was nice (not itchy!) and very inviting. Will work very well with our yellow tones and the adjacent red dining room. That vs. a floral couch. Not the oldie type but very country, cozy and warm.

Our first choice was the red couch plus a chair and ottoman, however, when we told the sales rep. that we still want to go around and visit one of their showrooms, next door, she was like “sure, but you know that’s where the ‘high-end’ furnitures are right?” – trying to imply that we cannot afford those so-called high-end ones. Maybe that pushed our buttons! hahaha. We went with the floral couch sold by the ‘high-end store’ hahaha to her.

As if we have enough $, B, myself and Joy went to sign up for membership at Sports and Health Fitness Center. We got a family membership with Joy as a dependent. It’ll cost us about $50 each/month but without the contract. A bit expensive than my previous membership with Bally’s but all classes included, childcare, massages, etc. We compared and signed. Now, it’s just a matter of making sure I make use of it. We plan to attend their kickboxing classes and others.

After spending our hard earned money, I went to work. Today was my turn at the store. B stayed with the cubs. Not as busy over the weekend though.

Speaking of weekends, we had the weekend off. Yippee! Wished we attended the ECHO Conference in Boston though. We spent it with the kids, strolled around Smithsonian Zoo.

Anyway, tomorrow’s another day. Still off from work. Most likely I’ll be doing housechores.

by the way, 2 na ang naging couch namin. 1- victorian, maroon – 2nd hand, galing kina ninong and ninang; current – offwhite.



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