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kickboxing October 26, 2006

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Joy and I started our kickboxing class last night. Funny, after so many months of no exercise, I all of a sudden jumped into something as extreme as kickboxing.  The only warm-up our trainer included was jumping jacks. After probably about 5 jumps, my muscle started to stiffen, looking at the mirror didn’t helped one bit. I thought I looked funny…really funny! All the moves were about 8-beat count, it was fast but if we need to slow down, it was ok. Coach preferred that if get lost during the course, we need to keep throwing punches in the air rather than completely stopping until we could get back to the rhythm. We were constantly bouncing and our hands clenched and up in our face. Oh yeah, a lot of squatting too.

After about 30 minutes I got so into it, though I still looked silly, I actually was enjoying it. It was a small group last night, about 5 of us so we were really paid attention to. He made sure that we were doing everything the right way. And yes, kickboxing won’t be kickboxing without the ‘kicking’ part…that was painful too. Feeling ko tuloy si Paquiao ako! hahaha! Another thing I had a hard time with was the situps…crunches and stuff. The stretching was good, it felt really good to have stretched all those muscles. Wish I had done that prior to class.  Our next session would be on Saturday, 8 AM. Yikes!

I hope I have recuperated by then. As you can very well imagine, my whole body’s aching. Almost similar to the ache I experienced after I participated the Army Ten Miler last year, but that was worse. I was in bed for at least a day or two. I’m able to walk but going up and down the stairs – that’s the painful part.

Anyway, today was our first day back to work after the Eid holiday. It was a long day. We were back to our usual 9-5pm schedule. By 3 p.m. I was ready to leave. Anyway, can’t wait for the Thanksgiving holiday – in 4 weeks.


untitled October 24, 2006

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After 8 years, B and I finally purchased a sofa. It wasn’t a spur-of-a-moment kinda thing but it wasn’t at all planned and budgeted as well. It was a tough decision, we visited several stores, brainstormed, argued, changed our minds and more and finally made the biggest purchase for the year! hahaha. We found our sofa and accent chair at Belfort. We visited their showrooms and went through piles of fabrics. It was a tough choice between a red couch – got nice legs, the fabric was nice (not itchy!) and very inviting. Will work very well with our yellow tones and the adjacent red dining room. That vs. a floral couch. Not the oldie type but very country, cozy and warm.

Our first choice was the red couch plus a chair and ottoman, however, when we told the sales rep. that we still want to go around and visit one of their showrooms, next door, she was like “sure, but you know that’s where the ‘high-end’ furnitures are right?” – trying to imply that we cannot afford those so-called high-end ones. Maybe that pushed our buttons! hahaha. We went with the floral couch sold by the ‘high-end store’ hahaha to her.

As if we have enough $, B, myself and Joy went to sign up for membership at Sports and Health Fitness Center. We got a family membership with Joy as a dependent. It’ll cost us about $50 each/month but without the contract. A bit expensive than my previous membership with Bally’s but all classes included, childcare, massages, etc. We compared and signed. Now, it’s just a matter of making sure I make use of it. We plan to attend their kickboxing classes and others.

After spending our hard earned money, I went to work. Today was my turn at the store. B stayed with the cubs. Not as busy over the weekend though.

Speaking of weekends, we had the weekend off. Yippee! Wished we attended the ECHO Conference in Boston though. We spent it with the kids, strolled around Smithsonian Zoo.

Anyway, tomorrow’s another day. Still off from work. Most likely I’ll be doing housechores.

by the way, 2 na ang naging couch namin. 1- victorian, maroon – 2nd hand, galing kina ninong and ninang; current – offwhite.

fast-paced October 9, 2006

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Thursday, Oct. 5

  • 9-3pm work.
  • 7-8:45: work at the restaurant.
  • 8:45 – household. 

Friday, Oct. 6

  • 9am-3pm: day job
  • 3pm-4:10pm: drive home via HOV (a bit stressful — traffic + rain)
    juggling phone calls in between switching lanes. paul running late to pick up the kids, trying to contact school, getting in touch with 1 of the mom who could possibly pick them up, rescheduling kiko’s 4:15 appointment. Although I could have made it to the 4:15pm appointment, I decided not to. Took the time to pick up the kids from Mtina and called HS for a quick update. ER called to offer to pick up the kids MWF.
  • 4:30pm – 5:35pm: got home; laundry; tidied up the room; was going to prep. dinner but opted for chinese food.
  • 5:35pm – 5:45pm: got kids ready to pick up B
  • 5:45pm: left for carpool
  • 6pm: picked up B (he looked upset, didn’t say much…I was 10 min. late) 
    B was supposed to work Friday’s shift, but he was too tired. Decided to relieve him of work.
  • 7 – 11:15pm:  worked night shift. brought chinese food next door for dinner. kids and B rested. they were going to watch xmen but found out that they left it in the car (which was with me)
  • 11:30pm: home. enjoyed drive home, listened to good music.
  • 12-3am: very late dinner and movie with the family.

Saturday, October 7

  • 10am: Though I woke up a little bit late, I didn’t sleep very well. Too much waking up in between, plus I had a ‘visitor’ that day.  Ogie went to BP for the morning shift.
  • 10:30-12pm: got the kids ready.  KC to attend a bday party at noon, asked dad to pick her up and drop her off; wrapped the gift and cleaned up the house a bit.
  • 12 – 12:30pm: ate cha arrived from NC to pick us up and drop me off at BP, also had my chance for a much needed and longer bath. hehehe.
  • 1pm – 11:30pm: worked at BP. Jep’s first day.
  • Got home at about 11:45pm. Had a quick bite and got ready for bed…or so I thought.
  • Midnight – 2:30am: worked online for my weekend work shift.
    I planned to wake up at around 9am, enough time to get Kat ready for her Sunday school. At around 6am B was getting ready for the Army Ten Miler. Nagising na rin ako somehow.

Sunday, Oct. 8

  • 9:45am – Paul called. Will be late for the morning shift. Uh-oh! Employee will be waiting if I don’t get ready! I tried to get Jep ‘open the store’ instead but he insisted on taking a shower first! Ako na lang muna. Got KC ready and drove as fast as I could. Going 45mph on a 25mph limit. not good.
  • 10:05am: opened the store.
  • 10:20am: left store to bring kat/kc to her Sunday school which will start at 10:30am
  • 10:35-11am: attended orientation.
  • 11-11:15am: dropped by the house to grab a shirt for jep, get dvd.
  • 11:25am – 11:35am: went to walmart to buy receipt paper, went crazy looking for it! returned some items (yehey! got some money back!)
  • 11:35 – 11:45am: drove like crazy to Staples to look for that roll. Found it! gotta run, gotta run! Kat was due to get out of her CCD class at n0on.
  • 11:55-12:05pm: picked up kc. crazy, crazy. I phoned the store, it was busy and might ran out of the printer paper, decided to pick Kat first and drop off the paper.
  • 12:15 – 12:35pm: drove to gas station, needed to fill’er up!
  • 12:45pm – 4pm: work. it was a busy day. got 2 complaints but handled it well…thanks to ate cha’s advice!
  • 4:15 – 4:45pm: went to chelsea and relaxed!
  • 4:50 – 6:10pm: church. homily was about mission statement
    after that, we just stayed and hanged with the family. dinner, chats, hgtv marathon. left at about 9:30pm

that was my weekend.