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temporary world September 21, 2006

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from now on, this page will be my temporary world, just as my life is right now…yours and mine.

I’m deeply saddened by the news that a sister’s (in the community) son-in-law passed away this afternoon. My sincere prayers goes to the family. He was diagnosed with cancer just last week, had an operation the other day, and now, he is gone. I don’t know him, not even sure if he looks at all familiar – but nonetheless, he was a brother.  An email circular went around asking for prayers…1) going thru surgery, 2) critical situation, 3) a few hours to live and 4) he’s gone.

I was wearing black today…from head to toe. The last time I did this w/out much planning was when my lola passed away. I woke up a bit gloomy (couple of years ago), wore black and all of the sudden, there, i received news about her.

Last monday, the gospel was about Jesus bidding the young man (who died) to get up, to arise….I kept my hold on that reading. That somehow he will be ok. I guess, rising up does not really mean, getting from sick to better, but more of for being with Jesus in heaven. God has called him.

He left behind 2 kids and a pregnant wife. Next week, his son would be turning one and he is no longer here to celebrate it, but rather, the family will be mouring. Life is short.

A co-worker’s cousin who wad diagnosed with cancer several months ago also passed away last week…and from cancer too.

I don’t know, life is really short when you really ponder about it. How are we spending our time in this temporary world? Is it with the one we love? Are we doing things that truly makes us and God happy? Can we bring any of these in the afterlife?

The thought of death has always frightened me. Until now. I’m uncomfortable writing about it, much more thinking about it. Am scared to ask myself if I am ready (But I guess, I am imposing that question now) — I try to avoid the topic as much as I can coz I don’t really know what to say.

Right now, I pray for his soul, that God welcomes him into His Kingdom. I pray for the family he left behind esp. to give his wife the courage, faith and strenght she needs at this time. I pray for the children as well.

I don’t know what else to say or think…


she’s 7 September 2, 2006

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today she officially turned 7. a mini-celebration started yesterday.

chuck e. cheese; pirates (movie); mickey d’s; chick-a-filet; toy’s-r-us;backto school orientation day.