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test 2 June 28, 2004

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It had been nearly 6 months since my last entry and even if there were times that I wanted to blog, I consciously stop myself, but that didn’t stop me from merely writing down my thoughts and saving them. I do intend to post them here…I just have to gather them.Anyway, Kiko is now 9 months old. He’s learning a lot of things, still exploring but boy! what an explorer. Katya is getting ready for school – this September. I still can’t believe that she is almost 5. Whew! I know she is excited and ready, but am I? Honestly, I don’t think that I am.It never fails, everytime the sleep-over at the old folks, I cry when they leave. Funny because I insist of them going on the first place but I end up pouting. Kat does not like sleeping over to anyone’s house anymore. She would rather stay with me, you could say that she’s a ‘mama’s girl’ and I think that’s so sweet.Am doing this just randomly…

Am blogging, watching LOTR (3) and at the same time, doing the laundry and folding the ones that are ready. Too many things to do. Maybe now that the kids are away, is a good time to catch up on our house chores. There are times that I’ve outgrown stressing out on things, I try to enjoy the moment, the topsy-turvy house, the crumpled clothes…nothing compares to being with the family.

My in-laws are going to the CFC Conference in Texas. We are planning on a “While You Are Out” project over the weekend. I don’t know if we can finish the living room, dining and kitchen by Sunday – but will try. The guys are thinking of taking out the carpet and install wood planks, while we sell unwanted, uneccesary stuff – aka Yard Sale. Got to go, have to check on the kids.



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